Honeywell SmartLine ST800 Modular Absolute Pressure Smart Transmitters

Key Specifications

  • Rangeability and turndown of up to 400:1

  • Response times as fast as 80 ms (the fastest on today's market)

  • Reference accuracy to 0.0375% span standard (0.025% span optional), and a total probably error as good as 0.12%

  • Transmitter stability up to 0.01% span per year for 10 years

  • Built-in static pressure and temperature compensation

  • External zero, span, and configuration capabilities

  • Polarity-insensitive electrical connections

  • Comprehensive onboard diagnostics

  • Plugged impulse line detection option

  • Dual or triple calibration option

  • Full compliance to SIL2 and SIL3 requirements standard

  • Advanced graphic LCD: Eight configurable screens for process variables, bargraphs, and trends

  • Modular design makes it easy to change communication modules, digital displays, and replace hardware or meter body — without buying a new unit!

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