Honeywell Enraf 990 SmartRadar FlexLine Tank Level Gauge System

Key Specifications

  • Measuring range: Up to 246 feet (75 m); Resolution: 0.001 feet (0.1mm)

  • Accuracy: Varies by model, ±0.4 mm, ±1 mm or ±3 mm

  • Variety of antenna options to fit any tank

  • Outputs: Standard Enraf Bi-Phase Mark for linking 10 devices with 1 single pair, up to 6 miles apart; Standard Modbus RTU RS-232 and RS-485, HART®; 900 series includes four SPDT alarm contact relays

  • Integrates with multiply spot and averaging spot temperature probes

  • Full galvanic isolation transformers for lightning protection

  • Approvals: Weights & Measures, API, ISO, IML, and OIML R85