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Data Acquisition

Honeywell offers circular chart and paperless recorders to help users record process parameters and improve decision-making and efficiency through data analysis.

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Actuator Motors

Honeywell’s HercuLine® electric actuators are designed for precise positioning of dampers and quarter-turn valves. They perform exceptionally well in demanding environments and simplify configuration, process monitoring and maintenance for users.


Controllers &

Honeywell offers a variety of industrial controllers and programmers to accurately and reliably control process temperatures and variables in a wide range of applications.

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Digital Indicators

Digital Panel Indicators from Honeywell combines high performance and quality at an affordable price, making it ideal for applications requiring both control and accurate indication.

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Tank Level Gauging

Honeywell Tanksystem's HERMetic product line includes a full range of portable level gauging and sampling equipment dedicated to the petrochemical industry. The portable products permit static verification of the ullage and oil/water interface levels as well as  temperature in a single measurement. The samplers help obtain a sample of the liquid content in the tank for further quality analysis in laboratories.

Transmitters for Temp , Pressure, Level, Flow

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Honeywell’s SmartLine Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter can measure the level and volume of liquids inside processing tanks up to 160 feet in height and offers the proven modular design and ease of use of the SmartLine transmitter family.

Honeywell’s SmartLine pressure transmitters feature industry-leading performance, unique features that lower total cost of ownership and Smart Connection Suite for the best control system integration.

The STT3000 Smart Temperature Transmitters help users monitor and protect asset health, comply with environmental regulations, reduce energy waste, and improve throughput and safety. The portfolio also includes the STT800 Temperature Probe Assemblies that are ideal for temperature measurement.

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Wireless Sensors & Transmitters

Honeywell’s wireless instrumentation offering includes the new SmartLine Wireless Pressure transmitter portfolio, the field-proven XYR 6000 wireless transmitter offering, and the OneWireless Adapter for enabling wireless communication with HART transmitters.