Honeywell OneWireless Universal Mesh Network and XYR6000 Transmitters

Key Specifications

  • One strategic network that supports both XYR6000 sensorsand 802.11 Wi-Fi devices, providing one infrastructure for simple network management

  • ISA100 wireless compliant

  • Scales from a few field instruments to thousands — so you can start now and be ready for future expansions

  • Operates reliably in noise radio frequency environments

  • Provides predictable power management to ensure uptime and optimize maintenance

  • XYR6000 wireless transmitters are available for absolute pressure, gauge pressure, differential pressure, temperature,
    real-time corrosion monitoring, and analog inputs (for adding legacy hardware to your wireless network)

  • New SmartLine wireless transmitters are availbale for absolute pressure, differential pressure, gauge pressure, and flange mounted pressure transmitter (for tank connection); universal I/O and temperature transmitters are pending